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Quick, Easy Mindfulness Practices for lockdown and beyond!

Mindfulness Practices work

It’s simple, not magic; you just train your mind to build you up not stress you out. No waiting times. No darkened room meditations either. Start now, what have you to lose?

No Stress

So just for you, an extract from my forthcoming book How to ‘Mind the Gap’ between Stress and Wellbeing. I’m not waiting, I’m sharing with you now some great ways to get mindful and look after your stress and anxiety levels too. You can find more at

Stressed - What’s happening to me?

It’s simple really. Your mind thinks it’s helping by ramping up the stress and speeding up your ability to spot the dangers. The mind then starts looking for the potential threats and of course finds them or thinks it does! This negative cycle drops your mood, wears you out and makes you feel less able to cope. And the cycle goes on becoming firmly fixed in your automatic thinking brain. Mindfulness gets us out of that automatic thinking cycle into the now. Helps us to slow the brain, to step back from our fears and stressors and pick thoughts and feelings that help not hinder.

Loving Lockdown? Hating Lockdown?

Maybe you’re managing fine or maybe it’s made you realise you don’t want the chaotic pace of before and can create something better? So why not use this opportunity to start bringing mindfulness approaches and practices into your life? Mindfulness gives you an opportunity to calm the mind; to focus on your now but the real big win is it grows your coping mechanisms. It grows your ability to not get sucked into the drama, your fears and usual stressors.

Not okay with meditation?

You don’t have to meditate to be Mindful – use approaches and techniques instead.

I've picked three from my next book to help you to