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Click here to download our mental fitness podcast. Learn how to reduce your stress/worry mental muscle and build your confidence and calm muscles.

Special membership offer  

We are building a membership site for you to get all the help and support you need to change your life from stress and worry to confidence and thriving, no matter what the challenges may be for you. WE go live September 1st 2022. If you want to find out more or know you want to join us and get more from life just contact us for a chance to get the founding member rate for as long as you like!


The founding member rate of £19.99 per month is only going to be available in August 2022 so if you want to be invited to join just send us your email and we will notify you when this limited offer is open. 


Founding member rate ends 31st August 2022

What does it include?

  • 3 x 1 hour group sessions to help you keep focused and get the best value for your needs from the podcasts

  • Regular tips and updates to help you keep focused

  • Access to the 5 stage programme to success, happiness and well-being.



Worry less Stress less Confidence more.

Why wouldn’t you sign up now?

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