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 The ChapWell Method Online NLP Coach Training qualifies you to use NLP and Mindfulness to help others


Join a powerful, live, online NLP in Coaching Programme to 

  • Be able to effectively coach your clients beyond stress to achieve their life and career goals.

  • Use a range of strategies and approaches to support wellbeing, resilience and much more.

  • Use advanced communication skills including hypnotic and ‘clean’ language to increase rapport, client engagement and success.

  • ​Coach clients in mindfulness approaches and techniques.


- DS

"I came to Fiona's session after a friend recommended me, I'd just been through a messy divorce and felt like all my confidence had gone. I was also experiencing problems at work not helped by my stress levels and just not sleeping. After just a few sessions I was sleeping so much better and the problems at work seemed much easier to handle. I learnt how to use my thoughts to support me and I just know I'll be using these techniques to help me achieve the things I know I'm capable of now. I feel so much more a part of life now it's hard to explain but I'm enjoying who I am and feeling so much more relaxed."


Imagine joining a powerful coaching program that will enable you to become a FULLY ACCREDITED NLP Practitioner equipped with the PRACTICAL METHODS and techniques which can actually be implemented and used with clients. All based on my many years experience to get you working as a great coach, confidently and expertly.

It’s one thing knowing the theory of what something is, but with The ChapWell Method Online NLP Coach Training you will practise and develop the essential skills of powerful coaching conversations whilst using your NLP skills. 

By joining The ChapWell Method Online NLP Coach Training 


  • Weekly live, online group tutorials in groups no larger than 10.

  • Pre tutorial reading and materials to prepare you to make the most of your tutorial time

  • One to one tutorials

  • Recorded videos and 

  • Sound recordings to help reinforce and explore the topics.

  • eCopies of my successful book The ChapWell Method 7 Keys to Success, Happiness and Wellbeing and extracts from my forthcoming book How to 'Mind the Gap' between stress and wellbeing

  • Coaching pack of ChapWell handouts and materials all successfully used with real clients.

  • Access to a monthly NLP Practitioner Group

  • Access to a linkedin private group to share your journey, explore and connect with fellow students

  • Assessments, practical tasks and reflective diary with individual feedback to support your success. 

  • On qualifying you will receive a unique ANLP qualified practitioner Accredited Seal plus 3 months free introductory membership to the ANLP.

  • Post qualification support -120 minutes one to one, NLP coaching supervision to support your coaching practice and development.

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Hi, I'm Fiona,

Fiona Chapman MA, Dip Ad Ed, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer, CBT Coach, Well-being Trainer/coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, EMDR Therapist, Mindfulness teacher and published author.

 I have helped many clients break through the barriers of stress, low mood and anxiety since 2000 and enjoyed coaching many students, teachers, leaders and managers for more than 30 years.


If you read my bio you'll see I am passionate about lowering the stress and anxiety levels that modern day living and working seems to create. I help clients overcome those barriers that are standing in the way of their well-being, happiness, greatness, hopes and life.


Now I am really looking forward to sharing my methods and approaches in my training and helping you to start breaking down the barriers of stress and anxiety that so many people find stops people creating the life, the job, the career they want.



- S

"Just to let you know making great progress, feeling the best I have and (negative) thoughts are less and less, but if I ever fall back into old habits will see you again."

Who is the ChapWell Method NLP Online Coach Training for?

It’s for you if you

  • are looking for a career change or to improve your effectiveness in your current role using NLP and coaching skills.

  • are ready to enhance your knowledge, skills and understanding of NLP, Mindfulness and Communications, CBT and hypnosis.

  • want a recognised qualification in NLP at Practitioner level

  • feel there is more to life than where they currently find themselves in their career and are looking for something that excites them and provides a huge opportunity for growth.



- SM

"It's just like Fiona kept saying to me, you can find your own strength again, move on from the stress, anxiety and worry habit and actually enjoy life. You just need to learn how and now I really understand what she meant! I used to suffer from stress, regular panic attacks and now I'm doing things and going places that I always thought just wasn't for me."


Do I have to be present on the live, group tutorials?

Yes absolutely, this is a critical part of your training and a requirement for ANLP accreditation. Achieving an ANLP accredited qualification also ensures your expertise will be recognised by insurers and an essential part of setting up in practice as an NLP coach and practitioner Become an NLP Professional - The Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (

Can I use this qualification to support my current career?

Yes, you will be qualified as an NLP coach and in the ChapWell Method. All workplaces have a responsibility for staff wellbeing and you will be equipped to make an active contribution in this area. In addition you will be able to use your skills and growing expertise to coach those individuals you manage and lead to excel and perform. This is a qualification that will develop you and your skills to lead and manage effectively.

On a personal level you will also find the whole process helps you to grow and develop your confidence, benefit from being a mindfulness practitioner, engage your motivation and focus to achieve what you want to achieve. And so much more.

Do I get any 1:1 support?

Yes see below and you can opt for the VIP course which includes more one to one tutorials and personal coaching to help you develop yourself and your skills. Your success is our success and the course is designed to support and equip you with the skills to succeed.

Do I get individualised support?

Yes – as you train and one to one supervision in your first six months of qualifying too! Groups are kept small no more than ten per group to ensure the trainer is able to connect which each member individually. You get individual feedback and support on your assignments and practical activities. Students are also encouraged to join the student platform via LinkedIn to connect with their fellow students and to join in student forums hosted by the tutor.

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