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Up the Good Feelings and let your Happy Grow!

Forget Happy

So often we chase this elusive happy feeling when really all we need to is to focus on feeling good. Notice when you feel good your unique brand of happy flows, you have a good day, mishaps quickly feel like little hiccups.

Build Resilience through Feeling Good

I frequently remind my clients that we only have full control over ourselves so this combination of mindfulness and other techniques builds your positive power and resilience. It’s a great way to allow your happy to grow, feeling good and feeling strong. My method the Chapwell Method draws on lots of approaches to enable you to easily and effortlessly bring in the good feelings, all day, every day.

Practice and More Practice

It’s time to be a ‘good feeling’ practitioner, just as we sometimes allow ourselves to be a ‘feeling down’ practitioner. The ChapWell Method now gives you a free choice. Many of us have never been taught how to boost our well-being, we’ve believed that what our mind gives us is what we have, not true, we can be the director of our mind and therefore our moods.

Ways to Feel Good

1. Be a Mirror Wizard – Start your day programming your mind and overriding all those negative thoughts. From the start of your day in the bathroom, look in the mirror, look deep into your eyes and say 3 times ‘I am wonderful, I feel wonderful’ if you don’t feel it just fake it! Allow yourself to feel that feeling as you get ready in the morning. All you are doing is giving yourself a powerful message and setting yourself on the good feeling path. As you go through your day just keep saying this mantra, over and over. You don’t have to believe it, just say it, and your subconscious will pick up the message and after hearing it so often realises it’s true. You are wonderful!

2. Label your Thoughts – As you go about your day start training yourself to notice the thoughts you have. Notice any downer thoughts and imagine yourself labelling them ‘downer thought’. Then replace it with a positive thought, something real such as ‘I am wonderful’ or ‘ the sun’s shining’ or ‘I like that colour’ or anything positive that comes to your mind, this is you building your feeling good habit. Positive thoughts grow good feelings.

3. Be Grateful – use gratitude to trigger all those feeling good, feeling great thoughts. Make it a regular habit to think about something you are grateful for in your life. It can range from a person, a thing or an event. Just allow yourself to enjoy a feeling of gratitude that whatever it is it’s in your life.

4. Reinforce feeling good with every step you take. Use each step you take to feel good. Every time you take a step mentally say I feel good, every step helps to program your body and mind with good thoughts and feelings. After just a few steps you’ll start to experience those feelings flow through you. Keep it up all day and every day and notice how powerful this easy boost is for you. This can also help to clear your mind and allow you to focus on the now with a stronger, more resilient frame of mind.

5. Help someone else – it doesn’t have to be big or time consuming, just little helpful things as you go about your day. Even giving a smile away will lift you and someone else. Helping out makes us feel good and encourages the brain to release those feel good chemicals, try it and see.

6. Power breaths - when safe to do so, close your eyes and take 3 deep, even breaths, breathe slowly and evenly from your belly. Then scan your body, notice any tension and slowly focus on relaxing that part of your body. Now open your eyes feeling refreshed yet more relaxed to carry on with your day.

7. Use Positive Self Talk – start noticing any negative thoughts, often our minds are geared towards the negative in a misguided attempt to keep us safe. Start noticing those negative thoughts and spin them positive. Imagine you are your best friend and ask yourself if you said something negative about yourself what would they say? For example ‘I’m no good at this’ can change to ‘You’ve just started this so you need to give yourself time’ or ‘Let’s see how you get on and ask for help when you need it’. ‘I look awful today’ – ‘You look okay and that jumper suits you’. Be your own best friend.

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