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7 Days, 7 Quick Ways to Well-being

Quick Ways to Redirect Your Mind Mindfully

Extracted from ‘The ChapWell Method – 7 Steps to Success, Happiness and Wellbeing’ and my forthcoming book ‘How to ‘Mind the Gap’ between stress and wellbeing’

Often people think they need to make or find lots of extra time for mindful exercises, not true; you can take a mindful approach to your well-being without changing your day or sitting in a corner for long periods of time!

These quick, easy and simple exercises are specially designed for you to do as you go about your day. They only take one minute, 60 seconds to powerfully change your downer thoughts or unwanted desires and reset your mind so you can choose well-being and what you want.

They are specially designed for you to do as you go about your everyday life, just make sure it is safe for you to go inwards, be distracted from your surroundings for a minute or two.

7 Tips and 7 Days - Carry this list around with you and try all the exercises, perhaps one a day and find out the ones that you like best. Use them to support your well-being and to create your well-being when times are tough or old unwanted habits nag at you!

Monday’s Tip

  • Use breath to rest your mind Take 3 deep, slow breaths - on the in breath count 1, 2, 3, pause and the out breath count 1, 2, 3, pause.

Tuesday’s Tip

  • Take a deep, slow breath and as you slowly release it look up to the highest point you can see. Imagine yourself there looking down on you, notice what you are wearing, how you are positioned, what’s around you. Take another deep, slow breath and come back into yourself and the now.

Wednesday’s Tip

  • For this exercise take some time to remember a really happy memory. Keep revisiting that memory throughout the day. Take a minute to imagine you are back there right in the memory, feel the feelings you had then, let them fill your mind and body. Bring yourself back to the now. Go back to that memory throughout the day as many times as you can.

Thursday’s Tip

  • Start daydreaming – imagine how you want your life to be, start to create a new future for yourself in your mind, enjoy visiting how you will be, how you will act, how you will feel, how you will think. Maybe you want to lose weight imagine yourself your natural, desired shape, maybe you want to be more confident, daydream yourself acting confidently. Daydream what you want.

Friday’s Tip

  • Reflect on past problem times you have overcome and remember how you managed to overcome them. List the ways you managed to cope, what support you needed and how you got it, learn from your past. This is a reminder to you, you can do it, you do have the resources to cope and overcome problems, solve them and move on.

Saturday’s Tip

  • Imagine you are your best friend and list all the good things a best friend would say about you. Even better write them down too and reread the list throughout the day, week, and months ahead and add to it too!

Sunday’s Tip

  • Be mindful of your thoughts and words – start listening to your words and thoughts - whenever you find yourself experiencing a negative thought or saying something negative imagine crossing it out in your mind and then think something positive or say something positive.

Finished the 7 Mindful Tips for 7 days? Keep this list with you, choose the ones you really like and start using them most days, if not every day, as much as you can. Very soon they will be a habit and looking after your wellbeing, being mindful is a habit! You now have easy and effective strategies to maintain your wellbeing and in tougher times tools to support your wellbeing whenever you need it. You deserve it. Good luck and enjoy.

Keep in touch; help me to help you, me and others, your feedback helps you and others.

Let me know how you get on by emailing me at or visiting my Facebook page @chapwellmethod or my website

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