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Why Intentions are as Important as Goals!

Intentions as a pathway to success

Just setting goals is only half the story; just like planting a seed you need to nurture it to help it grow. I soon realised that if we just focus on the goals, which by their nature are set in the future we are left with very little for today. I totally agree you need to state your goals in the now, as if they exist, but there’s a thing called that little word ‘if’. ‘If’ implies choice and we are talking about a definitive route to creating change, to bringing into being what we really want! Intentions with attitude!

Intentions allow you to create and hold the attitude of having what you want, enjoying the process of creating what you want and feeling that bubble of excitement as each step today gives you that burst of feeling – of what it feels like to have the goal firmly in place.

Excitement and joy all the way towards your goals

This approach means you get to enjoy all those feelings now of having what you want, with every action, thought and step aligned to your goal power and boosting your goal into the now. You quickly develop a ‘can-do’ attitude, an attitude that boosts your goal, supporting you through to attracting your goal into your life.

Before you run off and spend that million

To make this clear, acting with intention doesn’t mean acting as if you have achieved the goal, it means that each day you know you will achieve it so you act, plan and prepare. Say for example you want to double your salary. It doesn’t mean you start spending double your salary, rather you realise you are already halfway there and look for ways to achieve the other half.

Law of attraction or how the brain works

Intentions work brilliantly with the law of attraction and how our brain functions. It relies on your natural ability to create and shift your focus into the direction you want. What could be more real than that? Today, now, you have the attitude of experiencing, living and believing your goal is real.

If, however, you choose to allow doubts into your language and thinking, perhaps saying things like hope and try, all you’ll create is lots of hope and lots of trying! Your choice!

Timing is important

Part of the law of attraction and reaching your goals is all about the timing. Some things we think we have control over when, in truth, we only have control over ourselves. Therefore intentions enable us to plan and prepare for reaching our goal and when the time is right we are ready to allow our goal to come into reality.

Try this and create your 'Unique Intentions'

Get yourself an intentions book or if you prefer to use IT set up a folder marked ‘My intentions’ and start creating. First jot down your goals.