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Do you feel blue now the winter is approaching?

If you are finding it a bit harder to get going in the mornings this month and missing the summer already you may be someone who is affected by the ‘winter blues’. So Hambledon Health in Blandford is running a ‘How to Beat the Winter Blues’ one day workshop on Saturday 14th October, to help you to learn some tips and techniques to boost your well-being and mood throughout the winter months.

Those winter blues

The winter blues is thought to affect millions of people in Britain, up to eight out of ten of us, and can make you feel tired and down in the dumps. This change is thought to be caused by the realisation that the summer has come to an end and the resulting lack of light. Further statistics claim up to one in five of us may suffer a more serious condition called seasonal affective disorder - SAD - which causes those who sufferer to experience symptoms of fatigue and depression. Whilst for some medical help will be the right solution there is a lot you can do to help yourself to enjoy a happier winter.

So what can you do to lift your mood?

There are lots of different techniques you can use. Firstly aim to get out in the natural daylight every day as early as you can each day, ten minutes can make a difference but try for 30 minutes each day. Research shows the quality of the outside light, as early in the day as possible, is much better for us than the light we experience in our offices or homes.

Want to know more ways to weather your winter blues?

Then join our one day workshop on Saturday 14th October, 10am to 4pm, at Hambledon Health, The Plocks, Blandford, cost only £69.00. The day will be packed with tips and techniques to boost your well-being throughout the winter months. Fiona Chapman, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Life Coach and author, is running the day and will introduce you to a range of methods combining CBT, self-hypnosis and NLP to help you to boost your mood and find ways to enjoy winter. Places are limited and need to be booked in advance so call Hambledon Health 01258 458120 to find out more and book your place.

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