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After many years of working in coaching with education leaders and managers, entrepreneurs and wellbeing I'm really excited to share my online courses with you. I call my method the ChapWell Method, as  over the years I've found it makes sense to blend approaches to meet the unique needs of individuals, groups and organisations. I work one to one and in groups helping young people and adults to feel successful as well as be successful.

The ChapWell Method recognises we are all doing the best we can, with what we have and know. The ChapWell Method uses your goals to identify the gaps for you, build your skills and resources to enable your success whilst growing your wellbeing and confidence and reducing any bad stress habits.

The ChapWell Method coaching and training blends Clinical Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness within a coaching context.


- SM

"It's just like Fiona kept saying to me, you can find your own strength again, move on from the stress, anxiety and worry habit and actually enjoy life. You just need to learn how and now I really understand what she meant! I used to suffer from stress, regular panic attacks and now I'm doing things and going places that I always thought just wasn't for me."

- S

"Just to let you know making great progress, feeling the best I have and (negative) thoughts are less and less, but if I ever fall back into old habits will see you again."

- DS

"I came to Fiona's session after a friend recommended me, I'd just been through a messy divorce and felt like all my confidence had gone. I was also experiencing problems at work not helped by my stress levels and just not sleeping. After just a few sessions I was sleeping so much better and the problems at work seemed much easier to handle. I learnt how to use my thoughts to support me and I just know I'll be using these techniques to help me achieve the things I know I'm capable of now. I feel so much more a part of life now it's hard to explain but I'm enjoying who I am and feeling so much more relaxed."


Face to face coaching sessions are based at Hambledon Health in Blandford, Dorset.

We hold face to face sessions on Tuesdays. Online sessions are available throughout the week.




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